Belfast – It’s time to move. Join us in 2021 for a 45 minute class, full on intensity in a completely immersive studio on the hardest but most effective fitness machines on the planet. Programmed to work your physical and mental strength to new levels.

First Time

FIRST TIME – It’s ok, we all remember our first time. But our fully trained coaches are here to show you around, introduce you to our 3 concept machines, Row, Bike, Ski guide and motivate you through your 45 minute workout. You’ll sweat and push through barriers to discover a whole new level of fitness no matter your level, age or body type. Using myzone 3 we will use your data to push your body and mind like no other fitness experience.



  • Arrive 15 minutes before and check in. Due to current restrictions we recommend you arrive ready for class. Bring a drink for during your class – we’ll provide the shake for afters.
  • Just before class your coach will show you our set up and what you will need to know to begin, please let your instructor know if you would prefer non touch adjustments/cues.



  • We will begin with a movement based warm up – this will focus on the key body openers needed to Row, bike and ski.
  • Your coach will then talk you through your upcoming workout – this will be available to view at all times on the board so don’t worry about needing to remember it.
  • We will have a quick question time – the fastest learners asking the most questions, remember that.
  • It’s time to MOVE – You will move between the rower, bike erg and ski erg depending on the programmed workout, we’ll finish off with a cool down/stretch.



  • Take a breather
  • Grab your shake or cold drink from reception
  • Check in and share your workout – let us know how we did.

Our Classes

Ski, Bike, Row.


The ultimate way to build your engine, no weights involved. Join us and become immersed in a one of a kind state of the art ERG Studio, Utilising a combination of 3 machines The Concept 2 Rower, The Concept Ski-Erg and the Concept Erg bike, alongside our specific aerobic & anaerobic programming you are guaranteed the best results with minimum impact on your joints.


Burn up to 800 calories per class using wearable heart rate technology, Optimizing performance through Data.


SWEAT UPPER  – More info coming soon


SWEAT LOWER – More info coming soon

Time Table

Coming Soon