First Time

It’s ok, we all remember our first time. But our fully trained coaches are here to show you around, introduce you to our 3 concept machines, Row, Bike, Ski guide you through movements and motivate you during your 45 minute workout. You’ll sweat and push through barriers to discover a whole new level of fitness no matter your level, age or body type.



  • Arrive 10 minutes before & check in with coach. Bring a water bottle to avail of our filtered water station for during your class. 
  • We provide complimentary coffee + sweat towel!
  • Just before class your coach will show you our studio & what you will need to know to begin, please let your instructor know if you would prefer non touch and non verbal adjustments/cues.



  • Your coach will then talk you through your upcoming workout – continuing with prompt reminders/demonstrations before each phase so don’t worry about remembering it all.
  • Throughout the workout the coach is available for any questions to make your workout smoother – the fastest learners ask the most questions, remember that.
  • It’s time to MOVE – you will move between our ergs & floor, depending on the programmed workout, we’ll finish off with a cool down/stretch.



  • Take a breather.
  • If needed, avail of showers on site.
  • Enjoy the endorphins.
  • Check in & share your workout – let us know how we did.