Our Classes

1. Strong

Our signature concept. Expect quick fire rounds of dumbbells, bodyweight and ergs; bike, ski & row. Designed to effectively build strength, power & resilience. This workout covers all bases leaving you feeling both physically & mentally stronger.


2. Sweat

Think ‘Spin’, but 2022! High energy concept based around our three ergs. Designed to push you to the max & achieve the ultimate calorie burn.

Low impact, high intensity conditioning that will make you reconsider what you’re capable of.


3. Lite

New to Verso? Not familiar with ergs or unsure you could keep up? This class removes that concern. By dialling back the intensity between the floor & ergs, you can find your feet at a pace that suits you. 


4. Erg + Flo

Your chance to reset. Split 50/50 between our ergs & mobility flow.

Designed to help reduce the stress of everyday life, improve sleep & get you ready for your next big workout.